PokerStars Launches VR Player Experience

PokerStars, the popular online poker network announced the beta launch of its VR player experience at the 2018 EGX this week. This provides players with yet another major improvement in the online casino entertainment experience, vastly surpassing that delivered by any poker offering to date. PokerStars VR promises an unmatched level of gaming ambiance and player involvement via the latest innovations in super immersive VR technology, delivering in many ways a better than lifelike gaming experience to further expand on the established high-quality live dealer offerings delivered via conventional 2D PC monitors. For current closed beta testing purposes, PokerStars only opened the game to 100 players in a free-to-play environment via its dedicated VR app, with app introduced by means of Steam the world’s largest dedicated games network server. The PokerStars VR network will initially only be accessible via compatible high-end computer hardware platforms or powerful desktops sporting exceptionally powerful GPUs capable of running either the high-end Oculus Rift or HTC Vive VR headsets. Premier betting sites such as Nostrabet play an important role for punters who are searching for honest bookmaker reviews, bookmaker bonuses and betting tips. With the use of VR, punter will, over time, be able to visit each venue and gain a different perspective by fully immersing themselves in the VR experience.