Gambling Habits In Men And Women

Back then, it was only men who could gamble. It was unimaginable to see a lady in places of questionable moral such as casinos, pubs and similar.  Just look at the movies, it was always fancy-dressed men enjoying roulette surrounded by smiling chicks who were observing quietly.

(What was going on in their heads is a million dollar question, if you ask me!)


Good news is that- it’s no longer exclusively masculine hobby! Women felt the freedom to step into that world full of excitement and unpredictability.

Quite naturally, it comes to our minds- WHY do women gamble? Do they do it for the same reasons as men? WHAT motivates them? Thousands of questions out there, and here are some of the answers!

Let’s start with the games!

If we are to divide the preferences based on the types of games men are more into games which require skills and strategy. On the other hand, women prefer games of luck and those which are lower-risk ones. Moreover, men tend to compete against each other, and ladies choose live dealers instead.

So, you will find men enjoying sports betting at the first place, and various table games, while ladies are more into bingo and slots. Of course, these are just some general likes and dislikes, no one says a man cannot have fun spinning the reels or women can’t enjoy the thrill of a good game of poker.

Money, money, money!

Both genders spend different sums of money on gambling. Men are more actionable and willing to take risks, while women prefer staying within the safety limits.

As for betting, men are comfortable with non-predetermined wagers whereas ladies choose fixed bets and longer sessions at lower stakes.

Wonder WHY?

Well, women feel more pessimistic when it comes to odds of winning. They will feel more confident about placing some safer amount of money so that they wouldn’t disappoint a lot in case they lose. On the other hand, men are very optimistic because they have faith in their own skills and strategy.

Why do men and women gamble?

It’s interesting to note that this category is where they match the most. There are three main factors which motivate them, and those are:

  •    Money
  •    Fun
  •    Thrill of winning

However, there is still one small difference, regarding the feelings, so to say. Women are “escape gamblers“ which means they seek comfort and run away from boredom and stress when playing games. Moreover, they often gamble for charity, playing games such as bingo. Men are “action gamblers“ which means they are more than willing to show off. They gamble for social reasons.

The reactions to big win or loss

You may already have a hint on this one…

…Because all the habits and preferences we mentioned above play important role in this field as well. Women are emotional, men become aggressive. This goes both in cases of winning and losing.

When winning, women would mostly cash in immediately, because they are cautious. On the other hand, men, led by the desire to compete, will reinvest the money into more games. Chasing for an even bigger win.

More on differences and similarities

We should also mention variations in ages when genders usually engage in gambling. Men mostly start in the early 20s, while ladies start in mid-30s. Moreover, women prefer having all the obligations and responsibilities done prior to gambling and they usually have shorter but more frequent bursts of free time. That’s where online gaming plays a significant role in reaching to female consumers. On the other hand, in eyes of men, gambling is a social event, therefore it is quite legit to perform it during any other social event.

As for the loyalty, there are more similarities than differences. Both genders like to stick to one or two online casinos. That totally makes sense, as this logic applies to all fields of our lives. If we are satisfied with service at a certain place, we will remain loyal consumers.

Now, places where they gamble…

It might come as a surprise that bathroom/toilet is the second most common (I’d rather say uncommon) venue where genders gamble. Preceded by “in front of the TV“ and followed by „family events“, this place makes lots of sense, since modern technologies allow us to play games everywhere we can (and cannot) imagine.

ow if we compare brick and mortar VS online venues, women definitely feel more confident gaming in the virtual world, because of the anonymity. That’s important for them because they feel less ashamed.

“Why ashamed?“ you may wonder.

Well, enjoying this type of fun is still not widely accepted hobby among women, at least as seen by the eyes of society.

Men have no problems with such prejudices, which is why they will gamble whenever and wherever it comes to their mind. They will proudly walk into any land-based casino without worrying that people will look down on them.

All these statistics we discussed here are particularly important to people from industry, so to say. Even though you may think that the market is supersaturated, well, it’s not! These data give them an excellent insight into the logic and preferences of different types of gamblers. Moreover, that helps them adjust the market to make it more appealing.

Final thoughts on genders and gambling

Now that you know all about different reasons why men and women gamble, suppose you have a more complete picture on all the aspects of gambling philosophies.

To conclude thinks in a rather humorous manner and get the gist of the whole thing, let’s take $1,000 as an example. A lady with that sum of money would think something along the lines “Wow, what can I BUY with all this money?“. On the other hand, men would be like“How to MAKE MORE of this cash so that I can BUY EVEN MORE?“

This funny situation is more than a perfect reflection of how brain and logic work in different genders. And that is applied not only to gambling habits in men and women but all spheres of our lives. There’s a lot of stereotyping but, it’s not always a bad thing. It’s simply something that comes naturally, without us being aware.

Written by Aleksandra Zolotic